A smarter thinker: 10 Facts About Beards You Didn’t Know About


Comic illustration by Doghouse Diaries.

Did you think a beard is just hair growing on the wrong end of a head?  If so, think again.  In fact, your beard, gentlemen, is there to help increase your concentration and cognitive ability – it makes you a smarter thinker.

It also helps ward off bears when camping or hiking, so it comes in handy any time you find yourself lost in the woods. And it doesn’t just store stray crumbs that fall from your mouth, but also filters some of the toxins and pollution in the air on the way to your nose (lifehack.org).

Beards are beautiful and a natural part of a man’s face. A beard is also about:

  • Intelligence and Confidence.
  • Personality and Style.


In the past, Dr. Peterkin, a pogonologist (aka beard scholar), a facial grooming expert and author, acknowledges that a man’s facial hair would say a lot about him. “You could read his politics, read his religion and read his class. But in sort of the late 20th and mid-21st century, you can’t really know what the facial hair means unless you ask the guy,” he explained. “We all project meaning onto beards and mustaches but that may not really align with who the man is. (huffingtonpost.com)


PS: “It’s the only qualification necessary to be the ambassador to Siberia. Yes. Just Siberia”, according to doghousediaries.com)

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